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Introduction to the Oslo legal system

The judicial system of Norway forms a pyramid structure with the Supreme Court at its apex and the district courts at the base of the pyramid. In between the pyramid lies the Appeals Committee of the Supreme Court followed by the Court of appeal.

Norway enjoys a constitutional monarchy with the Storting (parliament) exercising legislative powers. In the legal system of Norway, laws take superiority over religious beliefs and traditions. READ MORE »

Do I need a lawyer?

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A lawyer is sought not only in criminal cases but also in personal and professional matters. The subtle nuances and loopholes of the legal system are often complex to be understood by the common man. It is here that the expertise of the lawyer comes in. It goes without saying that you will need a lawyer if you have violated a law whether in ignorance or intentionally. It is also advisable to seek counsel of a lawyer in sale and purchase of property matters. The lawyer will be best able to guide your transactions and validate the legality of the transactions. READ MORE »

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find information for immigrants in Norway?
Ans : For all visa related queries and immigrant information, guidelines can be found at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration : http://www.udi.no/

2. What is the form of government in Norway?
Ans : Norway follows constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democratic governance system. The power of the state is divided between three bodies, the Storting (legislative assembly), the government (executive body) and the courts (judiciary). The judiciary is independent of the legislative and executive bodies.

3. Is Euthanasia legal in Norway?
Ans : Euthanasia is illegal in Norway, though people assisting euthanasia may be given lighter sentences, if the assistance is given out of compassion. READ MORE »

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